baby goat at yoga
person in child's pose with a goat on their back
people doing yoga with goats
student cuddling a goat
students holding goats
students practicing yoga with goats
By Published: July 11, 2022

In April, four 30-minute goat yoga classes were held in the CU Rec Center for groups of 25 students. The event sold out in an hour. 

Five baby goats — aged from 10 to 17 days old — wandered the class, sometimes snuggling next to a yoga participant or jumping on their backs. The goats belong to Boulder’s Growing Gardens, a nonprofit focused on food donation and agriculture education. 

“Baby goats are naturally friendly and inquisitive,” said Denise Adelsen, the rec center’s assistant director of fitness and wellness. “Goats are not an animal that all people are familiar with or have met before, so this truly gives an opportunity to have an experience that is new to students.” 

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Photos by Glenn Asakawa