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List of 10

  1. 10 Uniquely Boulder Activities
    Have you done them all?

  2. Of Mind and MatterBrainy Buffs
    Amy Cuddy's TED Talk is the second most viewed of all time — and just a taste of what she has to say.

  3. Engineering a Better Football Helmet
    A CU Boulder alumnus puts on his thinking cap.

  4. Brainy Buffs
    Year after year, two of CU Boulder’s most successful sports teams also perform best in the classroom. How does that happen?

  5. Klauder's Champion
    From 1918 to 1938, notable CU architect Charles Z. Klauder designed 15 buildings around campus. If he visited today, what might he say?

  6. Look - Inscriptions
    We often see without noticing, especially when we’ve crossed paths with a thing a thousand times or we’re running late or we’re preoccupied with the future.

  7. A Boulder Legend
    Virginia Wheeler Patterson's persistence and vision are two of the driving forces that have made Pearl Street the vibrant street scene it is today.

  8. 10 Sculptures Around CU
    Here are a few of CU's most iconic sculptures around campus.

  9. Superfast Marathon
    CU Boulder scientists show the way to a sub-2-hour finish.

  10. Sports QA: James Stefanou
    Australian James Stefanou, a 31-year-old former soccer pro who is the Buffs’ star placekicker, is the oldest active player in big-time college football.