Colorado List of 10

CU's Iconic Sculptures

Bronze sculpture of Poet Robert Frostsculpture in front of the champion center
In memory of the late Bruce Ekstrand, former vice chancellor for academic affairs
Artist: George Lundeen, 1997
Location: South Entrance of Old Main in the heart of Norlin Quadrangle

A series of steel sculptures on concrete bases symbolizing the connection of art and science
Artist: Carl Reed, 2002
Location: Northwest side of the Bruce Curtis Building, Museum Collections

“Grand Challenges in Global Health”
Sculpture carved from a 20,000 pound block of marble from Lourdes, France
Artist: Bob Sievers, 2005 (Read more about Bob here.)
Location: Northwest corner of Ekeley Sciences

A granite and stainless steel sculpture
Artist: John T. Young, 1985
Location: North side of University Theatre

“Monarch of the Plains”
A sculpture of a bison made from bronze and stone
Artist: Stephen C. Leblanc, 1995
Location: Front of Folsom Field, south side

“Fred Folsom”
CU’s head football coach in 1895, Fred Folsom, who was also a professor of law and a practicing attorney
Artist: Commissioned by Fred Folsom Jr., and sculpted by Fred Folsom III, 2004
Location: Front of Folsom Field, south side

Buffalo Statue
Statue was donated by the Class of 1942
Artist: Edgar Britton, 1979
Location: Front of the CU Events Center, west side

“The Flower on the Mountain"
A metal, abstract sculpture of an elongated person holding up a flower
Artist: Sculptor unknown, date unknown
Location: Dalton Trumbo Fountain Court

Bronze figure of Orpheus, greek musician, poet and prophet
Artist: Greig Steiner, date unknown
Location: North side of Imig Music and on the west side of Farrand Field

“Ralphie and the Handlers”
Sculpture of three buffalo “handlers” and CU’s mascot Ralphie
Artist: Hanlon Sculpture Studio, 2016
Location: North side of the Champion Center