Keely at KING5

Peak performer

When an award-winning producer decided to move on from Denver, the one thing she wouldn’t negotiate on was a view of the mountains.

Person taking a picture of a performer.


“Rage Against the Machine Learning” isn’t just a sign in Evan Peck’s office. It’s an emblem of his career pivot.

Preview of Student Work Gallery

Student Work Gallery: Spring 2024

Students across CMCI find ways to bring together their personal interests and academic pursuits. Since the college’s founding, we have showcased this diverse collection of student work.

Taylor Swift at a Chiefs game


What is it about Taylor Swift that has so many people—even her fans—seeing red? A communication scholar says it's a theme she knows all too well.

Enzo in downtown Denver

When experience meets networking: Internship highlights from CMCI

Senior strategic communication major Enzo Ewari has big ideas for the future. Now that he has an internship with Motive under his belt, he’s more confident in the advertising field and his place in it.

Pollution in Denver

‘And that’s on human rights’: Bringing large-scale challenges to TikTok

Contrary to what you’ve heard, Generation Z isn’t afraid to engage human rights challenges. But, a CMCI expert says, we need to meet them where they live—and that’s TikTok.

Coach Prime

Preparing student-athletes for the Prime of their lives

NIL has changed the relationship between athletes and the media. As it happens, one NFL athlete was 30 years ahead of the curve.

A group of CMCI students shoots video and photos amid a group of players on the sidelines of the stadium during a football game.

A minor for major-league sports

Students in CMCI’s sports media minor regularly have opportunities to network and get hands-on experience while completing the program.

Coach Prime poses with students after his guest lecture.

Our alumni don’t stay on the bench

CMCI is changing the game.