John Branch

Meet John Branch

A graduate of the journalism program who won the Pulitzer Prize for his sportswriting — “I have license and liberty to go where most people aren’t welcome.”

Mark Amerika

Meet Mark Amerika

A renowned internet artist — “To collaboratively experiment with new forms of intermedia art and writing that disrupt the conventional art world and publishing industry”

Leysia Palen

Meet Leysia Palen

A professor who uses social media data to study crises and natural disasters — “Data is the new ground zero for inspired ideas for commercial and social enterprise.”

Bill Nichols

Meet Bill Nichols

A visiting professor and pioneer of documentary film theory — “Documentaries get us to think and feel about something in an accessible way.”

Karen Tracy

Meet Karen Tracy

A professor who volunteers as a mediator in local courts — “Little things matter. Talk reveals who people are.”

Wisdom Amouzou

Meet Wisdom Amouzou

A recent graduate of the communication department, Amouzou is bringing innovation to education in low-income communities.

Caitlyn Hubbard

Meet Caitlyn Hubbard

A recent graduate who designs products for a renowned ski clothing manufacturer – “I saw how valuable communication was within the company and I know my degree will be a huge asset to my career.”

Haley Buchner

Meet Haley Buchner

A recent graduate and an award-winning art director — “I loved my intro to creative class. I couldn’t believe that was a class I could come to college and get credit for.”

Kelly Graziadei

Meet Kelly Graziadei

A graduate of the advertising program who is director of global marketing solutions at Facebook — “Social media is now mainstream media.”