Jake Hurwitz and Nathan Moses

Class of 2017: Entrepreneurs revolutionize business education

May 11, 2017

When Jake Hurwitz and Nathan Moses met, neither predicted they’d wind up as business partners. The two have teamed up on Eyesight Collective, a video series aimed at helping student entrepreneurs gain business skills by learning from industry leaders.

Erin Willis

Meet Erin Willis

An assistant professor who studies online health communities — “It’s so interesting to try to understand people’s motivations, to try to crack that code.”

Lauren Sorge

Meet Lauren Sorge

A journalism major launching a career in broadcast news at FOX 5 — "If you have a passion for something, definitely care for that passion. For me, that was journalism.”

Krista Barry

Meet Krista Barry

A Public Relations major exploring the LA music industry with two internships — “I’ve been wanting to work in the music industry for a while, so going into college, I knew that's what I wanted to do.”

Austin Uteda

Meet Austin Uteda

A communication major and summer intern putting his major to use at his favorite TV network — "I have been able to sharpen my communication skills within the office environment, which I know is very important,"

Nabil Echchaibi

Meet Nabil Echchaibi

A professor who studies the media and publishes in the media. — “We live in a world where people are moved through vigorous discourse.”

Griselda San Martin

Meet Griselda San Martin

A graduate of the journalism and media studies programs who tells stories that cross borders — “We’re trying to tell stories from beyond the mainstream.”

Tyler Rollins

Meet Tyler Rollins

A graduate student who studies the history of government surveillance programs — “There’s always something fun about disrupting people’s preconceptions.”

Jordyn Siemens

Meet Jordyn Siemens

In two years, she went from novice reporter to head of an award-winning student news site. Now she encourages other students to pursue new ideas and build a legacy of their own.

Paul Voakes

Meet Paul Voakes

Emeritus professor, former journalist and amateur jazz musician — “Journalism is like jazz: improvisation and performance.”