Academic Advisors

Stephen Jones
Assistant Dean, Student Success
(all majors)
 For walk-in hours, call voicemail: 303-492-8919 
 Stadium 111A

Jeanne Brown
Director of Academic Advising
​(all majors)
Walk-in Hours and Appointments: MyCUHub
 Voicemail: (email preferred) 303-492-0631 
 Stadium 110D

Susan Avila
Academic Advisor
​(all majors)
Walk-in Hours and Appointments: MyCUHub
 Voicemail: (email preferred)
 Stadium 110B

Bevin Gumm
Academic Advisor
Walk-in Hours and Appointments: MyCUHub
 Voicemail: (email preferred)
 Stadium 110C

Grace A. Johnson 
Degree Audit Coordinator and Academic Advisor (INFO, MDPD, MDST & STCM)
Walk-in Hours and Appointments: MyCUHub
 Voicemail: (email preferred) 303-492-1835
Stadium 110F 

Debbie O’Neill
Academic Advisor
Walk-in Hours and Appointments: MyCUHub
 Voicemail: (email preferred)
 Stadium 110A

CMCI Staff

Todd Amodeo • Administrative Assistant
Office: ENVD 201

Gil Asakawa • Student Media Manager
Office: Armory 205

Erin Ashbaugh • Assistant for CMCI Centers
Office: Armory 102

Monica E. Carroll • Office Manager (Department of Communication)
Office: Hellems 96C

Elina Day • CMCI Finance Manager
Office: Hellems 96A

Jason Gnerre • Media Specialist
Office: ENVD 201

Mikey Goldenberg • KVCU Radio General Manager
Office: UMC 41J

Kristi Graham-Gitkind • Assistant to the Dean for Special Projects
Office: Armory 116A

Lisa Guinther • Department Assistant (Journalism and Media Studies)
Office: Armory 113

Jewel Gurule • Administrative Assistant/Assistant to the Chair (Department of Communication)
Office: Hellems 96

Errol Hughes • Dean's Office Assistant
Office: Armory 118

Shelby Javernick, M. Ed • Student Recruitment and Outreach Manager
Office: Armory 1B43    

Emilie Johnson • Media Production and Technology Coordinator
Office: Armory 203    

Matt Laszewski • Graduate Program Assistant (all CMCI)
Office: Hellems 96D

Christine Mahoney • Internship and Career Coordinator
Office: Stadium 110

David Martinez • Inclusion and Scholarships Coordinator
Office: Armory 1B15

Amanda J. McManus • Interactive Media Coordinator
Office: Armory 205

Malinda Miller • Assistant Dean, Communications and Engagement
Office: Armory 116A

DeAnn Paul​ • Development Assistant
Office: Stadium 107

Robby Rigby • Business Manager
Office: ENVD 201

Genevieve Waller • Department Assistant (Advertising, Public Relations and Media Design)
Office: Armory 102

Francie Wojcik • Assistant Director of Development
Office: Stadium 106D