Stephanie Abdalla
PhD Student
Media Studies

Stephanie, who was born and raised in Brazil, received her journalism bachelor's degree from PUCPR. She obtained a Graduate Diploma in Human Rights, Social Responsibility, and Global Citizenship at PUCRS after graduating with the goal of practicing her career as a journalist in an ethical way. While there, she conducted research on the importance of independent journalism for the discussion of human rights in Brazil. Later, she traveled across the Atlantic to Spain, where she attended UAB to get a Graduate Diploma and a Master's degree in Gender and Communication. There, she conducted research on the intersectional feminist theory-based significance of feminist journalism for the global human rights discussion.

As the founder and editor-in-chief of the Brazilian human rights news site journal48, Stephanie puts what she learns as an academic into reality. She believes that the merging of theory and practice is crucial for the growth and advancement of humanized communication, and she thinks that as a doctorate student in the Media Studies department at the University of Colorado Boulder, she can further encourage this fusion.

Among her research interests, Stephanie highlights independent and feminist journalism, gender and human rights studies, and migration and racial issues. Furthermore, she loves sports, traveling, learning new languages, and trying different foods.