Reily McGee
Master's Student
Media Studies

Reily McGee is a master's student in Media and Public Engagement (MAPE) at the University of Colorado, Boulder. She received her bachelor's degree in religious studies from Lawrence University. From a very young age, Reily has dedicated time to understanding the digital world they found herself immersed in. Their primary interests include digital games, digital religion, online community culture, history and preservation of games, virtual reality, digital identity intersectionality, and the interaction of analog and digital spaces. Much of her work is manifested in the form of creative writing such as poetry and short stories as well as in academic writing. They also spend a lot of time working on old gaming systems to keep them in good condition to work for years to come.

Outside of her studies, Reily has worked as a technology copywriter and specialty entertainment technology repair person. She also advocates for a variety of issues and has previously helped draft legislation to improve local transit networks in the Fox Valley region of Wisconsin. In their downtime, Reily enjoys spending time relaxing in nature with those closest to her... and animals (mostly animals though).