Naim Aburaddi
PhD Student
Media Studies

Naim Aburaddi has a BA in Journalism from Istanbul University and an MA in Communication Studies from California State University, San Bernardino (CSUSB). As a result of his work and activism, Aburaddi was featured and interviewed by many media outlets such as Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, BBC and other channels and newspapers.  In addition, he was awarded the 2022 CSUSB College of Arts and Letters Outstanding Graduate Student Award, the 2022 Department of Communication Studies Outstanding Graduate Student Award and the 2022 Outstanding Graduate Teaching Associate Award.

Aburaddi has over seven years of experience in digital journalism and media. He worked for several international media production companies as a digital content editor, social media manager, and communication consultant. In addition, he taught oral communication courses as a stand-alone instructor at California State University, San Bernardino for two years. Furthermore, he presented several academic articles at national and international conferences such as the National Communication Association (NCA), and Arab Studies Quarterly (ASQ) Conference.

Aburaddi studies indigenous communities’ self-representation and decolonization efforts using digital media. His research focuses on studying ongoing essential issues related to marginalized groups and Indigenous peoples using decolonizing methodologies. Aburaddi seeks to answer: What digital technologies do certain ethnic communities use to challenge stereotypical representations of them on digital media? What creative ways of self-representation do those populations use to promote their narratives? Do digital media corporations support or contest Indigenous self-representation narratives?