Emma St. Lawrence
PhD Student
Media Studies

Emma St. Lawrence completed her BA in English and film studies at King’s College London and her MA in cinema and media studies at the University of Southern California. She is, briefly, interested in everything. To date, however, her work has primarily considered interactive spectatorship and participatory meaning-making, constructions of American identity and spatiality in myth and folklore, cultural memory, and experimental, experiential film. Emma has presented at several conferences in the US and England, and her first article is upcoming in Spectator (2020).

Before joining CU, Emma dabbled in digital media at the Victoria and Albert Museum, served as a research fellow in the preparation of Live Cinema: Cultures, Economies, Aesthetics (2017), and worked in feature development/extreme snack organization at Blumhouse Productions. Outside of work, Emma is passionate about dogspotting, Trader Joe’s, and the Bon Appétit YouTube channel.