Naharin Shech
PhD Student
Critical Media Practices

Naharin​ Shech is a multicultural artist and scholar whose mixed-media practice and interdisciplinary research interests lie primarily within issues concerning the fragility and complexity of the human psyche and concepts of femininity and female identity. She obtained an MFA in Imaging Arts, Photography, & Related Media from the Rochester Institute of Technology and is presently pursuing her doctoral studies.

As part of her current research, Naharin is exploring the ostensible tension that exists between the concepts of beauty and sublimity as they arise in aesthetics and philosophy of art, on the one hand, and feminist visual theory and artwork, on the other. She is particularly interested in examining how the distinctions between beauty and sublimity influence (mis)representations, and subsequent impressions, of the female-qua-human experience and of mental disorders as manifested in and via the female subject.