Kimberley Bianca
PhD Student
Critical Media Practices

Kimberley Bianca is an Australian media artist, designer and community organizer. Bianca is a PhD candidate in Emergent Technologies and Media Arts Practices where she is doing community-based design research on platforms for DIY citizenship. She is especially interested in shared approaches of participatory art and citizen science and how people repurpose existing tools to build cooperative infrastructures for their communities. For 10 years, Bianca has been making interactive art and video projections with grassroots initiatives in Australia, across Europe and the US. She has extensive international experience in facilitating participatory projects and workshops, and is venturing into the field of UX research.

In 2019, Kimberley completed her master's thesis “Innovating Electrofringe: A Distributed Curatorial Platform for Electronic Art”, at UNSW in Australia while directing the festival, Electrofringe. She has a bachelor’s of science degree in art and technology from Saxion University in the Netherlands, where she co-developed the software and interactive art project “KaleidOk: Visually Communicating Emotions from Spoken Word”. Additionally, she makes audiovisual performances as Disaster Girl at underground cultural spaces.