Kimberley Bianca
PhD Student
Critical Media Practices

Kimberley Bianca creates media art, assembles community events and researches technology production. She is interested in how social peer-to-peer processes can encourage creatives to share resources and how to facilitate meaningful virtual experiences. Kimberley is a second-year doctoral student in ETMAP where she is currently developing circuitBoard, a media art platform with hybrid meetups and a forum for prototyping works with exchanged technology. As a CU Engaged Arts and Humanities Scholar 2020-21, she is developing a program for circuitBoard workshops.

In 2019, Kimberley completed her master's thesis “Innovating Electrofringe: A Distributed Curatorial Platform for Electronic Art”, at UNSW in Australia while directing the festival, Electrofringe. She has a bachelor’s of science degree in art and technology from Saxion University in the Netherlands, where she co-developed the software-based public art project “KaleidOk: Visually Communicating Emotions from Spoken Word”. For the last 10 years, Kimberley has freelanced in VJing and video projections in Australia and across Europe. She has extensive international experience in participatory curation - at CellSpace in San Francisco, Polymer Culture Factory in Tallinn, Estonia, Totaldobže in Riga, Latvia, and VJ meetings in Berlin. Additionally, Kimberley makes audiovisual performances as Disaster Girl at underground cultural spaces.