Eric Barry Drasin
PhD Student
Critical Media Practices

Eric Barry Drasin is a research-based artist exploring the relationship between art and systems of value. Through emerging technologies, his current research explores digital or “distributed” processes, objects and organizations that problematize and reprogram fundamental assumptions about how value is constructed and disseminated. At the moment, this primarily involves wearing corpse paint and yelling about the blockchain. 

Eric’s work is rooted in media ecology and performance. Using experimental media techniques and custom software systems, his performances and installations have explored how media can transform relationships. Eric has performed nationally using custom interactive audiovisual systems. Additionally, he has organized media arts events and festivals in NYC since 2012. 

He has produced, performed, lectured and exhibited at spaces including crusty basements in Baltimore, abandoned office buildings in Newark, bombed-out factories in Flint Michigan, The Museum of Natural History, Postmasters Gallery, Moneylab Amsterdam, Outpost Artists Resources, Culturehub/LaMama, The Silent Barn, Secret Project Robot, Coaxial Gallery LA, Salisbury University, the Emergent Digital Practices program at the University of Denver, the Computer Art, Computer Animation and Visual Effects department at the School of Visual Arts in New York, Waverly Labs for Computing and Music for New York University's Department of Music, Knockdown Center, Harvestworks, and various and assorted raves.

Eric holds a BA in New Media from Purchase College and an MFA in Emerging Practices from the University at Buffalo.