Salwa Kazi
PhD Student

Salwa Kazi is a PhD student pursuing the area of Community and Social Interaction. Their research focuses on  the intersection of language, social media, and sociolinguistic analysis.

For their masters degree, Salwa worked on diachronic linguistic variation in the Kokni community on the Indian west-coast. Salwa has also written on user experiences with multiple language support on social media.

During their doctoral journey, Salwa is most interested in investigating how marginalized sociolinguistic communities negotiate their sociolinguistic identities on social media and in understanding exactly how social media offers them accessibility. Salwa is keen on ensuring that their scholarship is relevant to our changing times and representative of our social reality.

Salwa holds a MA in Linguistics and is a Humanities, Arts, Science, and Technology Alliance and Collaboratory (HASTAC) Scholar (2020-22).