Henry Ugwu
PhD Student
Advertising, Public Relations and Media Design

Henry Ikenna Ugwu holds a BA and MA in Mass Communications from the University of Nigeria and an Executive Certification in Applied Risk Communications from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

He has demonstrated experience leading and coordinating high-level strategic communications activities on energy and health sector reforms, gender and public policy programs for governments, global non-profits, think tanks, international donors, and private sector companies/organizations. He is the founder of Kugwannah LTD, a Web3 public relations consulting firm specialising in tech and blockchain communications; helping tech companies solve their most complex communication challenges.

As a PhD student in Advertising, Public Relations and Media Design, Henry’s research interest centres around how mass media campaigns, strategic messages, news coverage, and digital and interactive media shape behaviours across genders and or minority and low-income populations.

In his free time, Henry likes to watch movies, play video games, travel and check out restaurants, and have intellectual discussions with his friends.