PhotoNameContact Information
Dean Bergen Lori Bergen
Founding Dean
College Leadership
303-492-4364 (Deans' Office)
Robin Burke Robin Burke
Department Chair • Professor
Information Science • College Leadership
Office Hours: Mon. 10-11am Fri. 1-2pm, Via Zoom meeting: Email instructor for link 
Andrew Calabrese Andrew Calabrese
Associate Dean of Graduate Programs and Research • Professor
Media Studies • College Leadership
Lori Emerson headshot Lori Emerson
Program Director • Associate Professor
Intermedia Art, Writing and Performance
Flores Lisa Flores
Associate Dean of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion • Associate Professor
Communication • College Leadership
Jill Jones Jill Jones
Assistant Dean, Student Experience
College Leadership
Tim Kuhn Timothy Kuhn
Professor • Department Chair
Communication • College Leadership
Malinda Miller Malinda Miller
Assistant Dean, Communications and Engagement
College Leadership
Teri Rueb Teri Rueb
Department Chair • Professor
Critical Media Practices • College Leadership
Mary Beth Searles Mary Beth Searles
Assistant Dean for Advancement
College Leadership
Liz Skewes Elizabeth A. Skewes
Department Chair of Journalism • Interim Chair of APRD • Associate Professor
Journalism • Media Studies • College Leadership • Advertising, Public Relations and Media Design
J. Richard Stevens J. Richard Stevens
Department Chair • Associate Professor
Media Studies • College Leadership
Cindy H. White Cindy H. White
Associate Dean, Undergraduate Curriculum and Programs
Communication • College Leadership