Brock Mays
PhD Student
Advertising, Public Relations and Media Design

Brock’s main research interest centers around the political and strategic communication aspect of Russian disinformation campaigns and promoting media literacy to counter it. He is also passionate about intercultural communication and international relations. 

As a two-time Fulbright research grantee in Vilnius, Lithuania, he studied Russian disinformation in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine, and Belarus. He also created and led an ESL course for Ukrainian refugees in Lithuania.  

His other teaching experience includes co-lecturing in a semester long course for international students at Vilnius University called "The Information War Between the USSR and the West" and guest lectures on disinformation and media literacy in various classrooms in conjunction with Vilnius University, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty and the Jonas Žemaitis Military Academy of Lithuania. He was also a TA during his MS program in a simulation-based course entitled "Global Perspectives on Counterterrorism."  

Brock holds an MS degree in International Affairs and Global Enterprise (MIAGE) from the University of Utah, a BA in International Studies and minor in linguistics from Utah State University, and his AA from Snow College. He also studied abroad in Finland at the University of Tampere.  

Outside research and the classroom, he loves reading and writing fiction, travel, and learning languages. He speaks fluent Lithuanian, and speaks Spanish, Russian, and Ukrainian at various levels of proficiency. He is a proud lover of all things 'nerd.'