A group of CMCI students shoots video and photos amid a group of players on the sidelines of the stadium during a football game.

A minor for major-league sports

Jan. 17, 2024

Students in CMCI’s sports media minor regularly have opportunities to network and get hands-on experience while completing the program.

Fall colors on campus

Announcing the fall 2023 Dean's List

Jan. 10, 2024

A celebration of the CMCI students who have qualified for inclusion on the Dean’s List for the fall.

An illustration of the Capitol building cracked in two, representing political infighting.

As election season approaches, journalism needs a look in the mirror. That’s not up for debate

Jan. 8, 2024

“The U.S. news media has blood on its hands from 2016,” Mike McDevitt says. Will 2024 be different?

A.I.-generated image of Mickey Mouse toting a gun that came out of a violin case.

The mouse is out, and running loose on A.I.

Jan. 3, 2024

Generative A.I. tools and copyright law are intersecting in the 1928 “Steamboat Willie” cartoon featuring Mickey Mouse. An expert in tech ethics says it’s just the start.

One Show Student Winners

Little golden audiobooks: Ad campaign earns students awards at Denver One Club

Dec. 14, 2023

Two teams of strategic communication students were honored for innovative campaigns at the Denver One Club award show this fall.

Headlines from recent mass shootings overlaid on top of an illustration of a gun.

Thoughts and prayers? In mass shootings, reporters need to think compassion and care

Dec. 11, 2023

There’s no playbook for covering mass shootings. But that may soon change, as Elizabeth Skewes studies how the media can tell the right story—by being more considerate to victims and survivors.

Cassidy Davis smiles while she poses by the CASE building on campus.

Class of 2023: Cassidy Davis

Dec. 8, 2023

Strategic communication student Cassidy Davis has a deep love for CU and sports. This December, she was announced as the recipient of the William W. White Outstanding Graduate Award.

A tourist in front of London's Tower Bridge, with a Union Jack umbrella.

Exchange great: CMCI students set for summer courses in Europe

Nov. 17, 2023

Three CMCI programs will take students across the pond this summer to study communications and data in London, Paris and Amsterdam.

Jo Marras Tate

Biology tells a story about the natural world. What about communication?

Nov. 9, 2023

Jo Marras Tate studied biology to work in science. She got her PhD in communication in order to mediate change.

Kim Christiansen in a red dress, holding some papers, against a neutral background.

Broadcast icon, an ‘incredible ambassador’ to CU, honored with alumni award

Nov. 2, 2023

Colorado news legend Kim Christiansen has been an icon at CU’s annual alumni awards—and now she’s one of the stars. This year, she was recognized with the Alumni Recognition Award.