William R. Payden was known for his boundless curiosity and enthusiasm, as evidenced by his wide variety of professional paths and personal interests. Mr. Payden (Jour’57) was a journalist, college professor, sports fan, cinephile, professional pianist, world traveler and collector of aviation memorabilia and classic cars.

The Payden Award recognizes excellence in teaching and research or creative work with a $20,000 cash prize and the opportunity to present a colloquium on effective teaching methods. Each year, a short list of potential Payden Award recipients is identified quantitatively based on evidence submitted annually by each faculty member. 

Payden stipulated that a selection committee review the dossiers of the top three faculty candidates and choose a recipient based on provided criteria. 

Prior Recipients

  • 2022: Phaedra C. Pezzullo
  • 2021: Toby Hopp
  • 2020: Patrick Ferrucci
  • 2019: Tara Knight
  • 2018: Kathleen M. Ryan
  • 2017: Peter Simonson
  • 2016: Steve Jones
  • 2015: Harsha Ganga
  • 2014: Tom Yulsman
  • 2013: Janice Peck
  • 2012: Nabil Echchaibi
  • 2011: Stewart Hoover
  • 2010: Mindy Cheval and Paul Daugherty
  • 2009: Jan Whitt
  • 2008: Elizabeth Skewes
  • 2007: Andrew Calabrese
  • 2006: Steve Jones