"Desert Dwellers"

photo by Rafaelo Infante




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By: Rafaelo Infante

Strategic Communication

"My name is Rafaelo Infante. I have been adventuring for last 21 years of my life. I have traveled and seen some of the most beautiful cultures, people and cities in the world. With a keen obsession to try and reimagine or depict what I was witnessing, I looked for a medium in order to present my ideas. I have never been exceptional at drawing, but I have found my creative outlet in digital application. Photoshop was the answer and Image class was the inspiration. With help from my TA (Foster Sicotte), he inspired me to practice polyscapes, and altering images in order to make my ideas come to life. Ultimately, giving me the opportunity to go wild with my ideas and design work through photoshop.

 2019 Showcase Selection