Published: Oct. 2, 2020

Faculty and students affiliated with the Department of Information Science at CU Boulder will be presenting work at the CSCW 2020 conference, the premiere venue for research on computer-supported cooperative work and social computing. The conference will be held virtually, October 17 - 21. Full papers are published in the journal Proceedings of the ACM: Human-Computer Interaction. Presentation times are in CT (UTC - 5).


Voices of the Social Sector: A Systematic Review of Stakeholder Voice in HCI Research with Nonprofit Organizations
Published in ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction, invited for presentation at CSCW
Chris Bopp (ATLAS PhD alum) and Amy Voida (INFO faculty)
Presentation: Tuesday @ 9 a.m., room 3

The Role of Conversational Grounding in Supporting Symbiosis Between People and Digital Assistants 
Janghee Cho (INFO PhD Student) and Emilee Rader 
Presentation: Monday @ 11 a.m., room 1

Social Norm Vulnerability and its Consequences for Privacy and Safety in an Online Community
Brianna Dym (INFO PhD Student) and Casey Fiesler (INFO faculty) 
Presentation: Monday @ 9 a.m., room 4

Conformity of Eating Disorders through Content Moderation [Honorable Mention Award]
Jessica Feuston (INFO Postdoc), Alex Taylor, and Anne Marie Piper
Presentation: Tuesday @ 7 a.m., room 4

Moving Across Lands: Online Platform Migration in Fandom Communities [Honorable Mention Award]
Casey Fiesler (INFO faculty) and Brianna Dym (INFO PhD Student)
Video Essay
Presentation: Wednesday @ 9 a.m., room 3

Entering Doors, Evading Traps: Benefits and Risks of Visibility During Transgender Coming Outs
Anthony T. Pinter (INFO PhD student), Morgan Klaus Scheuerman (INFO PhD student) and Jed R. Brubaker (INFO faculty)
Blog Post
Presentation: Monday @ 11 a.m., room 5

Visual Narratives and Collective Memory across Peer-Produced Accounts of Contested Sociopolitical Events
Emily Porter, P.M. Krafft, and Brian Keegan (INFO faculty)
Published in ACM Transactions on Social Computing, invited for presentation at CSCW
Presentation: Tuesday @ 9am, room 6

How We’ve Taught Algorithms to See Identity: Constructing Race and Gender in Image Databases for Facial Analysis [Best Paper Award, Diversity & Inclusion Recognition]
Morgan Klaus Scheuerman (INFO PhD student), Kandrea Wade (INFO PhD student), Caitlin Lustig, and Jed R. Brubaker (INFO faculty)
Blog Post
Presentation: Monday @ 11 a.m., room 5

Looking for a Deal? Social Visual Attention during Negotiations via Mixed Media Videoconferencing​
Hana Vrzakova (CS postdoc), Mary Jeean Amon, McKenzie Rees, Myrthe Faber, and Sidney D'Mello (CS faculty, INFO affiliate faculty)

Posters, Panels, Workshops, and Position Papers

Intersectional human-centered data science: Raising consciousness among the data-driven (position paper)
Alicia Boyd and Brian Keegan (INFO faculty)
Workshop on Interrogating Data Science

Governing the Commons of Platform Labor Data Assets (position paper)
Samantha Dalal (INFO PhD student)
Workshop on Civic Technologies: Research, Practice, and Open Challenges

Defining data: Questions of numerical "facts" (position paper)
Malinda Dietrich (Communication PhD student), Morgan Klaus Scheuerman (INFO PhD student), and Katy Weathington (INFO PhD student)
Workshop on Interrogating Data Science

Research Ethics Roundtable (panel)
Melissa Densmore, Casey Fiesler (INFO faculty), Cosmin Munteanu, Michael Muller, Janet Read, Ozge Subasi, and Katie Shilton
Presentation: Monday @ 11 a.m., room 7

How to Delete the Dead: Honoring Negative Affective Experiences with Postmortem Data (doctoral symposium)
Katie Gach (ATLAS PhD candidate)

Trials and Twitterations: Public Scholarship in CSCW (workshop)
Sarah Gilbert, Casey Fiesler (INFO faculty), Lindsay Blackwell, Michael Ann DeVito (INFO postdoc, starting January 2021), Michaelanne Dye, Shamika Goddard (INFO PhD student), Kishonna Gray, David Nemer, Estelle Smith (INFO postdoc, starting January 2021)

Understanding Law Enforcement and Common Peoples’ Perspectives on Designing Explainable Crime Mapping Algorithms​ (poster)
MD Romael Haque, Katherine Weathington (INFO PhD student), Joseph Chudzik, and Shion Guha
Presentation: Tuesday @ 11 a.m., room 2

Characterizing Community Guidelines on Social Media Platforms (poster)
Aaron Jiang (INFO PhD student), Skylar Middler (INFO undergraduate), Jed Brubaker (INFO faculty) and Casey Fiesler (INFO faculty)
Presentation: Tuesday @ 11 a.m., room 1

Building a data science mindset (position paper)
Brian Keegan (INFO faculty)
Workshop on Interrogating Data Science

Harm and data science: Framing negative human outcomes as a data science problem​ (position paper)
Katherine Weathington (INFO PhD student) and Morgan Klaus Scheuerman (INFO PhD student)
Workshop on Interrogating Data Science

Exploring Conversational Interfaces as Sites for Collaborative Sensemaking around Data (position paper)
Jordan Wirfs-Brock (INFO PhD student)
Workshop on Collaborating through Conversational User Interfaces