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Gregory K. Ramirez was a 2020 graduate from the Department of Journalism’s master’s program

Therese Gardner always knew she’d attend college at CU Boulder.

ThereseGardner’s mother and older sister were both CU graduates, and after growing up in nearby Centennial, the decision seemed easy––even logical. 

The question, then, was what she should study once she arrived.

After exploring Theater, Anthropology and Ethnic Studies as majors during her freshman year, it was Gardner’s love of TEDTalks––and her eventual involvement with TEDxCU––that set her on a path toward earning her bachelor’s degree in communication. 

When Gardner graduated in May, she did so as the Department of Communication’s William W. White Outstanding Senior.

Fellow CMCI graduate Gregory K. Ramirez touched base with Gardner about her time as TEDxCU’s director of programming, her favorite memories from college and what she hopes to do next.

GR: What do you think is the most important thing you learned about yourself during your time at CU and CMCI?

TG: Over the last three years, I found a love for writing. I fell in love with Communication because of the emphasis that they put on storytelling and the power of words.

I guess I realized I’m a dreamer and that I want to make life better for other people. 

GR: What’s your favorite memory at CU?

TG: One of my best experiences happened after this year’s TEDxCU auditions. I was sitting in a room with all the speakers, our executive team and our eight teachers. All of the speakers went around the room and shared what they do and why they decided to participate in TEDx. 

As I looked around, I realized how important it is to make connections with people and nourish relationships. That’s what life is about––finding people you can connect with to create something beautiful together. 

"Make connections with people and nourish relationships.

GR: Imagine you are sitting in a cafe with your future self 30 years from now. Who is that person? What do they do? And what’s something you love today that you hope to carry with you into the future?

TG: I’m storytelling for a living, connected with my family and traveling. I’m focused and have pursued my dreams. Future me is constantly finding new passions and stepping out of my comfort zone. I hope I keep reading, keep writing and keep living. I know that as long as I continue to write, I'll find my way––just as I did throughout the last four years.

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