Published: April 15, 2020

Full Papers

CHI 2020 logoCraftspeople as Technical Collaborators: Lessons Learned through an Experimental Weaving Residency [Honorable Mention Award]
Laura Devendorf (ATLAS/INFO Faculty), Katya Arquilla (Aerospace PhD Student), Sandra Wirtanen,  Allison Anderson (Aerospace Faculty), Steven Frost (Media Studies Faculty)

Making Design Memoirs: Understanding and Honoring Difficult Experiences  [Honorable Mention Award]
Laura Devendorf (ATLAS/INFO) Faculty), Kristina Andersen, Aisling Kelliher

Lawful Users: Copyright Circumvention and Legal Constraints on Technology Use
Casey Fiesler (INFO Faculty)

Experiences of Trust in Postmortem Profile Management
Published in Transactions on Social Computing, invited for presentation at CHI
Katie Z. Gach (ATLAS PhD Student), Jed Brubaker (INFO Faculty)

BrailleBlocks: Computational Braille Toys for Collaborative Learning
Vinitha Gadiraju (CS PhD Student), Annika Muehlbradt (CS PhD Student), Shaun K Kane (CS Faculty/INFO Affiliate Faculty)
[Project Video]

Toward Automated Feedback on Teacher Discourse to Enhance Teacher Learning
Emily Jensen (CS/CogSci PhD Student), Meghan Dale, Patrick J. Donnelly, Cathlyn Stone (CogSci RA), Sean Kelly, Amanda Godley, Sidney K. D'Mello (CS/CogSci Faculty/INFO Affiliate Faculty)

"Why is 'Chicago' deceptive?" Towards Building Model-Driven Tutorials for Humans
Vivian Lai (CS PhD Student), Han Liu (CS PhD Student), Chenhao Tan (CS Faculty/INFO Affiliate Faculty)

What HCI Can Learn from ASMR: Becoming Enchanted with the Mundane
Josephine Klefeker (TAM Undergrad), libi  striegl (IAWP PhD Student), Laura Devendorf (ATLAS/INFO Faculty)

"Like Shock Absorbers": Understanding the Human Infrastructures of Technology-Mediated Mental Health Support
Sachin R. Pendse, Faisal M. Lalani (CS Alum/INFO RA), Munmun De Choudhury, Amit Sharma, Neha Kumar

Being (In)Visible: Privacy, Transparency, and Disclosure in the Self-Management of Bipolar Disorder
Justin Petelka, Lucy Van Kleunen (CS PhD Student), Liam Albright, Elizabeth L. Murnane, Stephen Voida (INFO faculty), Jaime Snyder

Beyond Team Makeup: Diversity in Teams Predicts Valued Outcomes in Computer-Mediated Collaborations
Angela E.B. Stewart (CS PhD Student), Mary Jean Amon, Nicholas D. Duran, Sidney K. D'Mello (CS faculty/INFO affiliate faculty)

Giving Voice to Silent Data: Designing with Personal Music Listening History
Jordan Wirfs-Brock (INFO PhD Student), Sarah Mennicken, Jennifer Thom

Unfabricate: Designing Smart Textiles for Disassembly
Shanel Wu (ATLAS PhD Student), Laura Devendorf (ATLAS/INFO Faculty)

Considering Parents in Coding Kit Design: Understanding Parents' Perspectives and Roles
Junnan Yu (INFO PhD Student), Chenke Bai (CS/INFO Undergrad), Ricarose Roque (INFO Faculty)


Other Publications

Queer in HCI: Supporting LGBTQIA+ Researchers and Research Across Domains
Special Interest Group
Michael A. DeVito, Ashley Marie Walker, Caitlin Lustig, Amy J. Ko, Katta Spiel, Alex A. Ahmed, Kimberley Allison, Morgan Scheuerman (INFO PhD Student), Brianna Dym (INFO PhD Student), Jed R. Brubaker (INFO Faculty), Ellen Simpson, Naveen Bagalkot, Noopur Raval, Michael Muller, Jennifer Rode, Mary L. Gray

Comparing F-Formations Between Humans and On-Screen Agents
Late-Breaking Work
Hooman Hedayati (CS PhD Student), Daniel Szafir (CS/ATLAS Faculty/INFO Affiliate Faculty), James Kennedy 

Identifying and Addressing Design and Policy Challenges in Online Content Moderation
Doctoral Consortium
Aaron Jiang (INFO PhD Student)

Embracing Uncertainty in HCI
Robert Soden (ATLAS Alum), Laura Devendorf (INFO/ATLAS Faculty), Richmond Y. Wong, Lydia B. Chilton, Ann Light,  Yoko Akama

Understanding the Past, Present, and Future of Design Fictions
Michael Muller, Jeffrey Bardzell, EunJeong Cheon, Norman Makoto Su, Eric P. S. Baumer, Casey Fiesler (INFO Faculty), Ann Light, Mark Blythe


Workshop Position Papers

Inbodied Ultra-Running: Performance While Pushing MEECS Processes to their Limits
3rd Body as Starting Point Workshop
Jordan Wirfs-Brock (INFO PhD Student)

Exploring Racial Diversity and Researcher Positionality in Ethical HCI Research 
Workshop on Engaging Race in HCI
Shamika Goddard (INFO PhD Student), Casey Fiesler (INFO Faculty)

Exploring User Opinions of Fairness in Recommender Systems
Workshop on Human-Centered Approaches to Fair and Responsible AI
Jessie Smith (INFO PhD Student), Nasim Sonboli (INFO PhD Student), Casey Fiesler (INFO Faculty), Robin Burke (INFO Faculty

Avoiding Ethical Debt in UX Design
Workshop on Creating an Ethical Framework for UX Designers
Natalie Garrett (INFO PhD Student), Casey Fiesler (INFO Faculty)

Being “Public” While Vulnerable: Recommendations for Platforms and Researchers
Workshop on Privacy and Power: Acknowledging the Importance of Privacy Research and Design for Vulnerable Populations
Casey Fiesler (INFO Faculty)

Toward Effective Multimodal Interaction in Augmented Reality
Workshop on Envisioning Future Productivity for Immersive Analytics 
Matt Whitlock (CS Student), Daniel Leithinger (ATLAS Faculty), Daniel Szafir (INFO Affiliate Faculty), Danielle Albers Szafir (INFO Affiliate Faculty)

Harnessing Explanations to Bridge AI and Humans
Fair & Responsible AI workshop
Vivian Lai (CS PhD student), Samuel Carton (CS postdoc), and Chenhao Tan (CS Faculty/INFO Affiliate Faculty)