Published: Oct. 14, 2019

 Lindsey Nichols Lindsey Nichols is currently in COMM 4100, Seminar in Honors Thesis Writing and Research, with Dr. Cindy White. Nichols is a journalism major with a business minor and a political science minor. Her thesis is concerning young voters and their impact, influence, and implications in future elections. She is specifically following Senator Cory Gardner's re-election campaign as a context for study.

Nichols interned for a Congressman in Washington, D.C. during spring 2019 through CU in D.C. “That was an amazing experience that inspired me to pursue a career in politics after I graduate in May 2020.”

Nichols also studied film in Paris last summer to enhance her story-telling abilities and learn about a different culture. Nichols had the opportunity to explore Paris, Rome, Barcelona, and London, and by taking Intercultural Communication before studying abroad, she improved her ability to make connections with people from around the world.

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