Published: June 9, 2019

During the 2018-19 school year, Associate Professor Lori Emerson presented at the Digital Humanities annual conference in Mexico City on her in-progress, collaboratively written book, THE LAB BOOK. She also received several grants across campus to co-organize the What is a Feminist Lab? symposium, which took place in April. The event featured seven keynote speakers and was live tweeted using the hashtag #feministlabs. Building on the symposium, Emerson received a Research and Innovation Seed Grant to write a Feminist Labs Handbook, which IAWP PhD student Maya Livio will take the lead on during the 2019-20 school year.

In terms of publication, Emerson published two book chapters: “Lab as Living Thing, Media Archaeological Fundus as Assemblage” in Achaeographies: A Festschrift for Wolfgang Ernst, and “Excavating, Archiving, Making Media Inscriptions // In and Beyond the Media Archaeology Lab" in Inscription. She also published a peer-reviewed article—written with IAWP PhD student libi striegl and titled “Anarchive as Technique | The Media Archaeology Lab's OLPC Mesh Network Project”—in International Journal of Digital Humanities.

Finally, this year, the Media Archaeology Lab won the Best of Boulder 2019 staff pick in the category of culture and entertainment. It was dubbed the best "Place to Teach Gen Z What a VCR Is."

IAWP Director Mark Amerika is currently exhibiting his artwork at the ZKM Museum of Contemporary Art's Writing the History of the Future exhibition in Germany. The show features highlights from ZKM’s permanent collection. Amerika's work is also currently on exhibit at the Seoul Museum of Art and is included in a group exhibition at Palazzo Bembo in Venice, Italy, in parallel to the Venice Biennale from May 9 through Nov. 24. Excerpts from his new collection of poetry, Fatal Error, are forthcoming in Textshop and Lune. In late May, he will deliver a performance at Coventry University as part of their Experimental Publishing Symposium.