Published: April 28, 2016

Boulder Time Capsule ProjectGraduate students from the Department of Critical Media Practices were featured in The Daily Camera, a local publication, for their work to document daily life in the City of Boulder in 2016.

Graduate students at the University of Colorado want to memorialize this year in Boulder — especially the mundane, everyday parts of life in 2016 — with a digital time capsule.

The project is part of a graduate-level course in documentary fieldwork within CU's new College of Media, Communication and Information. The students are part of the inaugural five-person cohort in CU's new master's degree in interdisciplinary documentary media practices.

They're gathering video, still photos, text, interviews, articles and other digital artifacts — everything from "the significant to the quotidian" — and storing them on their Boulder Time Capsule Project website, said Rebecca Zinner, one of the students working on the project.

Read the full article at The Daily Camera.