Published: April 4, 2016

Karen Ashcraft, Professor, did a keynote at SIGSCE  (Special Interest Group on Computer Science Education) in Memphis (Mar 2-5), and it was entitled “Lean In to the Evidence: Breaking the Glass Slipper of Technical Professions.”  There were about 1,000 computer science educators from K through graduate programs in the audience.

Karen also led the effort to have a gender-inclusive restroom designated in Hellems. Her compassionate efforts have recently resulted in official approval to have HLMS RR240 re-designated as a gender-inclusive restroom. She sparked a renewed commitment to gender-inclusive facilities moving forward at the university.


Emma Collins and Rebecca Rice, graduate students, have received a grant to study social science aspects of drones. The grant is called Project Society: Navigating the Politics and Ethics of Drones. The grant is worth $3000. 


Elizabeth K. Eger, PhD Student, presented a paper with a colleague at Villanova University at the Organizational Communication: Traditions, Transitions, and Transformations conference in February in Austin, Texas. Their paper was entitled, "Imagining qualitative organizational communication research beyond the quantitative specter: Introducing a comparative constructed focus group method."  


Danielle Hodge, PhD Student, will be presenting a paper, titled “Exploring Kendrick Lamar’s Lived Experience with Systematic Racism in To Pimp a Butterfly” at the American Studies Association Convention (November 2016 in Denver, Colorado).


Meghann McGuire, PhD Student,  presented a paper, “Scripting the Precarious Identity: Moving Beyond the Victim/Survivor Continuum,” at WSCA and  this paper earned a Top 3 paper award for the Organization for Research on Women and Communication.  She also has a book review forthcoming in the next issue of Rhetoric Society Quarterly on Sara Ahmed’s (2014) Willful Subjects, Durham NC: Duke University Press.


Eric Netterlund, PhD Student, was awarded a 2016 CU-Boulder Graduate Summer Fellowship from the Graduate School.


Phaedra C. Pezzullo, Associate Professor, was featured on a podcast with the first African American Sierra Club President on: “Today’s Fight for Environmental Justice.” Seven Scribes. (Published: March 9, 2016). Available here


Leah Sprain, Assistant Professor, had two papers accepted; (1) Sprain, L. Framing science for democratic engagement. In S. Priest, J. Goodwin, and Dahlstrom, M. (Eds.) Ethical issues in science communication: A theory-based approach. Oxford University Press. (2) McGreavy, B., Druschke, C. G., Sprain, L., Thompson, J. L., and Lindenfeld, L. Environmental communication pedagogy for sustainability: Developing core capacities to engage with complex problems. Applied Environmental Education and Communication.


Ted Striphas, Associate Professor, was featured on the NPR/Marketplace podcast, Actuality. The episode aired March 23rd and is archived online here; it was called "Robot Tastemakers.”


Ted Striphas, Associate Professor, and Blake Hallinan, PhD Student, published the article: “Recommended for You: The Netflix Prize and the Production of Algorithmic Culture,” New Media & Society 18(1) (January 2016): 117-137.