Published: Feb. 4, 2016

Blake Hallinan, PhD student, is presenting a paper, “Digitizing the Theatrical Audience: Computers, Communications, and Cards” at the Society for Cinema and Media Studies conference this April in Atlanta. 

Ruth Hickerson, instructor, gave a talk at the Academic Management Institute’s annual conference last week, “I really shouldn’t be here: Notes from the accidental, incidental, compartmental, incremental, supplemental, sentimental, transcendental academic.”

Jody Jahn, assistant professor, had an article, “Adapting safety rules in a high reliability context: How wildland firefighting workgroups ventriloquize safety rules to understand hazards” accepted for publication in Management Communication Quarterly.

Jeff Motter, instructor, has become the license-holder for TEDx CU. This means TEDx will be a key part of BoulderTalks for the foreseeable future in which Jeff will be orchestrating this annual event.

Pete Simonson, associate professor, was part of a published symposium, “Manifesting a Future for Comparative Rhetoric,” which was awarded special recognition for excellence by the Editorial Board of the Rhetoric Review and its Theresa Enos Award for best publication of the year in that journal.

Karen Tracy, professor, will be giving a colloquium on her forthcoming book, Discourse, Identity and Social Change in the Marriage Equality Debates in the communication department at the University of Memphis in February.

Bingjuan Xiong, PhD student, is presenting a paper, “Who are China's Citizens? A Membership Categorization Analysis of Chinese Online Discourse” at the 66th ICA Annual Conference, June 9-13, Fukuoka, Japan.