Published: Dec. 9, 2015

David Slayden, an associate professor of Advertising, Public Relations and Media Design, was featured recently in an article in Inc. magazine, titled "10 Leaders Share the Best Advice They Ever Received." Slayden's advice, which appeared alongside that of top tech and creative industry leaders, read as follows:

"These words were spoken to me by famed voice-over and recording artist Ken Nordine. This was many years ago, and I've carried these words with me ever since. He recognized that we all get a little weird from time to time, but it's how we choose to channel our weirdness that's key. To offset my very ordinary life, I infuse every project I touch with experimental and fluid creations. It's what's led to my best work and most successful endeavors. With weirdness and imaginative thinking embedded in all facets of your work, you are free to spend the rest of your time enjoying the little things in life, a balance that is delicate yet so profound."

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