Published: Nov. 20, 2015

Christian Hammons, an instructor in CU-Boulder’s departments of Critical Media Practices and Anthropology, has received a grant to design and launch a new peer-reviewed, open-access journal called Mimesis: The Journal of Documentary and Ethnographic Media.

The journal will be ground-breaking in its use of multimedia. “Many academic journals include online photo or video supplements to written articles,” Hammons explained, “but in Mimesis, they will be integrated and inseparable. The text will not work without the media and vice versa.”

The grant to launch Mimesis was awarded by the University of Colorado President’s Fund for the Humanities, which awards grants across the university system. Hammons said the university’s support for such a pioneering journal as an indication that the university and its College of Media, Communication and Information are at the leading edge of innovations in critical media practices. Mimesis will publish its first issue in January 2017.

CMCI’s Department of Critical Media Practices is a unique community that prepares creative media makers for the increasingly globalized, fragmented and user-generated media world of the 21st century.