Published: May 23, 2019

The Boulder Classics Department now co-ordinates an Aequora site at Casey Middle School: using Aequora’s specially designed curriculum, we harness the classical languages’ power to improve literacy while making the ancient mediterranean world fun and accessible to students of all backgrounds. Students who take Latin routinely outperform their peers on the verbal section of the SAT and on other standardized tests. That’s far from the only reason why all school children should have the chance to learn Latin, though. The textbook we use, Aequora: Teaching Literacy with Latin, introduces the basics of Latin vocabulary and grammar, Roman culture and mythology, and connections between Latin, English, and Spanish, all through games and activities designed to show students that learning Latin is fun! Aequora is shaped by a belief that everyone should have access to Latin and by a vision of Classics as an inclusive, diverse, and socially engaged field. 

Questions? Please email All Classics graduates and undergraduates are warmly invited to participate in this program as volunteers. Please email Reina if you are interested.