The Cinema Studies department at the University of Colorado depend on our classroom projectionists and trained student employees to ensure each class and each screening runs smoothly. We are looking for dedicated, punctual, highly motivated, and knowledgeable individuals who are interested in providing other tech and operational support for the department and associated programs (like the International Film Series).

Responsibilities can include helping faculty with setting up presentation materials, projecting 16mm and/or 35mm film, operating digital projection equipment, administrative support, and providing a resource the Department of Cinema Studies & Moving Image Arts can depend on. Specific job details are listed below.

Include your availability and a Resume (if you have one) with your inquiry.  Resumes can include past employment history, film classes taken with grade received, expected graduation date, and professional references. Resumes are helpful, but are not required for consideration.


Available Positions

International Film Series: Cashier (Student Assistant I - 4101)

Status Closed
Rate $15/hr
Commitment Hours vary dependent on availability and IFS schedule. Evening and weekend work required

The International Film Series is Boulder's oldest arthouse theater and offers virtual and in-person screenings regularly through the academic year.

Job Description

IFS cashiers are primarily responsible for selling tickets to IFS shows in front of the Muenzinger auditorium. Cashiers should be friendly, inviting, and knowledgeable. Shifts start at 6:00pm Monday - Saturday, 12:00pm on Sundays, and continue until film ends and closing duties are completed.

Specific duties include:

  • Preshow auditorium cleanup
  • Preshow sound test
  • Setting out flyers for upcoming events
  • Selling tickets to audience members and answering questions about the film
  • Assist managers with close-out duties, including storing merchandise, counting ticket stubs, and cleaning up workstation
  • Watching remainder of film screening to watch for presentation issues and/or audience concerns (i.e. requesting guests to turn off cell phones)
  • Help return equipment to ATLAS office


CINE Office Assistant (Student Assistant I - 4101)

Status Closed
Rate $15/hr
Commitment Hours vary dependent on availability.

The main Cinema Studies office offers support for faculty, staff, and students in many different capacities. Operating hours are from 8:00am - 5:00pm in ATLAS 327.

Job Description:

Specific job functions of each student assistant will vary and depend on availability and experience. Students will not be expected to perform all duties outlined, but instead will be tasked with different responsibilities as needed. Possible duties include:

  • Minor website updates
  • Cash management
    • Counting moneys from events held by the department or from Kage closeouts
    • Ensuring that cash receipts and moneys are delivered to the Regents offices
  • Answering phone calls
  • Addressing email concerns
  • Computer equipment checkout for faculty
  • Tech support for faculty (as needed)
  • Producing event flyers
  • Answering student questions (prospective and current)
  • Other miscellaneous tasks

Because this is a general support position, not all scenarios can be listed.


CINE Classroom Projectionist (Student Assistant II - 4102)

Status Closed
Rate $16/hr
Commitment Hours vary dependent on availability. Some weekday evenings may be required.

Classroom projectionists are pivotal to many faculty, particularly those who offer screenings as part of their coursework. Projectionists are expected to be extremely punctual and have a high level of attention to detail. Will work closely with faculty. Potential auditoriums include ATLAS 102, ATLAS 100, Muenzinger E050, and VAC 1B20.

Job Description:

Classroom projectionists are responsible for ensuring that class screenings and clips are presented cleanly and in a timely fashion. They are expected to be well-versed in the equipment they are operating and to be able to handle most common technical issues (initial training will be conducted). Elements of this include:

  • Ensuring all needed media is present and playable
  • Adjusting auditorium lighting as needed
  • Adjusting auditorium volume as needed
  • Understanding of user interfaces and operation of digital media equipment
  • Physically able to operate digital and analog equipment
    • Most projection booths require stairs to access
  • Ability to work calmly under pressure, especially when technical issues arise
  • Some previous experience with projection equipment preferred, but not required


Lab Assistant (Student Assistant I - 4101)

Status Closed
Rate $15/hr
Commitment 6 hours per week. Weekdays and evenings as needed.

Job Description

Seeking a student with a flexible schedule for day or night work as needed to maintain the 60+ computers, 5 servers and 3 SANs that run our department. Must have strong UNIX/Macintosh scripting and network design skills. Experience with distributed rendering, Avid Media Composer, Editshare and remote computer management required. Student will assist Prof. Christopher Osborn in installing new systems, updating software and hardware and remote management of the network and all of its systems. They will also be frequently tasked with exploring new technology and helping build new capabilities for the department. 6/hr per week.