The Cinema Studies department at the University of Colorado depend on our classroom projectionists and trained student employees to ensure each class and each screening runs smoothly. We are looking for dedicated, punctual, highly motivated, and knowledgeable individuals who are interested in operating projection equipment and providing other tech and operational support.

Responsibilities can include helping faculty with setting up presentation materials, projecting 16mm and/or 35mm film, operating digital projection equipment, and providing a resource the Department of Cinema Studies & Moving Image Arts can depend on.

If you are interested in Student Employment as a Classroom Projectionist or Film Office assistant, please contact for details.

Include your availability and a Resume (if you have one) with your inquiry.  Resumes can include past employment history, film classes taken with grade received, expected graduation date, and professional references. Resumes are helpful, but are not required for consideration.



Film Programming with Don Yannacito

Status filled
Credits 1 credit hour
Commitment Work 5 to 10 hours per week. Some evenings and weekend work required

Work with Film Programmer Don Yannacito on special events including:

  • First Person Cinema
  • Brakhage Symposium
  • Student Awards show for Film Studies
  • Coordinating classes and visiting artists
  • Also other daily office work in support of Film Studies Program

Learn how to contact and work with visiting artists; how to organize events; how to program a film series.

Contact Don Yannacito

International Film Series

Status filled (not available at this time)
Credits 2 credit hours
Commitment 10-15 hours per week. Some evenings and weekend work required

Internships working for the International Film Series Director are available for students looking for experience in promotions, film trafficking, orders, and general office and programming management.

Work with Film Programmer Pablo Kjolseth on:

  • International Film Series Programming
  • Promotions (print, radio, web, sponsorships, mailings, etc.)
  • Film trafficking (tracing and arranging shipments)
  • Film orders (dealing with distributors)
  • Also other daily office work in support of the International Film Series

Learn how to program, promote, and run a film series and various special events.

Contact Pablo Kjolseth