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The only incomplete grade awarded in the College of Arts and Sciences is an “I.” The “IF” grade can no longer be  awarded. If an instructor lists an “IF” grade on the final grade roster, the Registrar will automatically convert the grade  to an “I” because the “IF“grade is no longer recognized as a valid grade for Arts and Sciences courses. 

To be eligible for an incomplete grade, college policy requires that: 

• the student request the incomplete, 

• the student has satisfactorily completed a significant portion of the course, and 

• the student has extenuating circumstances beyond her/his control that prevent the student from completing  the course within the normal time frame. 

If a student’s situation does not conform to all of these criteria, the student is not eligible to receive an incomplete.  Faculty need to request documentation of the extenuating circumstances before agreeing to the assignment of an  incomplete grade and complete and sign with the student an Incomplete Agreement Form. Having a formal written 

agreement documenting the work to be completed and the date by which the work is due is often critical to resolving  disputes and allows the department Chair or Associate Chair to resolve incomplete grades if the original instructor is not  available to do so. A suitable departmental form may be substituted. This form is used to document: 

• the reason/grounds for the incomplete grade, 

• the portion of the course completed and the remaining work to be completed, 

• the student’s grade on the work that has already been completed, 

• and, a description of the work that the student will need to submit and the deadline by which it must be  submitted in order to complete the course. 

Students who have not attended or who have not satisfactorily completed a significant portion of the course should not  be given an incomplete grade. The maximum amount of time a student can be allowed to complete an incomplete is one  year from the term in which the course was taken. The instructor can set a shorter deadline for the completion of the  work but it is the instructor’s responsibility to ensure that the plan for completing the course can be accomplished  within the one year maximum. If the agreement has not been met by the end of the one year maximum, the “I” grade  will automatically turn into an “F.” If you have questions about the appropriateness of an incomplete grade, you can  discuss the situation with your Instructor, Chair or Associate Chair. 

Incomplete (I) grades should only be awarded when both you and the Instructor believe that the course work can and  will be completed within one year.

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