Published: Jan. 13, 2022

Film still from Jeanne Liotta's "Loretta" a silhouette of an person raising their arm up against a yellow background

CINE Associate Professor Jeanne Liotta is screening film work as part of a group exhibition titled Feminism and the Legacy of Surrealism put on by Thomas Erben Gallery in New York City. "The artists in this show have been brought together by their affinity for the artistic and conceptual strategies of surrealism, using them to articulate a feminist perspective grounded in personal experience. While not surrealists themselves, they are a part of its legacy, taking up surrealism – which produced more important women artists than any other modernist movement – in its ability to tap into the unconscious."

The exhibition showcases work by Betsy Damon, Brenda Goodman, June Leaf, Jeanne Liotta, Caitlin Keogh, Anne Minich, Elizabeth Murray, and Elaine Stocki. "They play with a private symbolism that merges elements of subjectivity with dream imagery and references to mass media. Seen together, the works in this show display a biting wit in the visceral quality of both their images and materiality." The show is open from Thursday, January 13 to Saturday, February 19. Congratulations Jeanne! 

Still of Jeanne's film Loretta