Published: April 13, 2021

On April 26th, at 7:00pm, join us in celebrating the work of the Cinema Studies & Moving Image Arts' graduate student work!Grad Show Flyer

Filmmakers include McKenzie Blake, Emily Van Loan, Eileen Roscina, and Madeline Plumley.

McKenzie Blake is a filmmaker whose work revolves around personal memory, narratives and found footage. She works with digital and analog formats as well as experimenting with the process of animation.

Emily Van Loan is an experimental filmmaker and artist. They create diaristic, autobiographical works with the intention of fostering connections between audience and maker or perhaps within an audience.

Eileen Roscina is an experimental filmmaker, artist and naturalist based out of Denver, Colorado. Through the study of biophilia, her work examines human’s spiritual and social (dis)connection with nature, and seeks to raise questions about realizing a radically different metaphoric mapping of time, space and our place in the world.

Madeline Plumley is a filmmaker from Louisville, Kentucky. She believes that art is labor and the working class is the only creative class. She works at making films that are a part of the celebration of life and labor.

The MFA in Film is an interdisciplinary endeavor between the Art and Art History Department and the Cinema Studies & Moving Image Arts Department and offers the best of both worlds.

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