Published: March 10, 2021

First Person Cinema Welcomes Alex Rivera - (Rescheduled for Wednesday night, 3/17)

Alex Rivera

For borders to be enforced as sites of social and material control, there must always be an accompanying system of visual production.  Today, that system includes drones, infrared cameras, biometrics, and more.  For over twenty-five years Alex Rivera has been making moving images to contest those systems with visions of a different kind of border.  In this brief talk and screening, Rivera will discuss and present selections of his award-winning moving image work, including, Papapapá (1995), Why Cybraceros? (1997), The Borders Trilogy (2003), Sleep Dealer (2008), and The Infiltrators (2019).


This event is now taking place on Wednesday, March 17th at 7:00pm.


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