**UPDATE: The prices for IFS have changed and are as follows**

$9 for General Admission 

$7 for UCB student MUST SHOW BUFF CARD

$7 for Seniors

$1 discount for anyone who shows up with a bike helmet

FREE for Cine. Students and for your birthday.


a woman dancing over TexasRAISE HELL: THE LIFE AND TIMES OF MOLLY IVINS (run time: 93min) 

RAISE HELL: The Life & Times of Molly Ivins tells the story of media firebrand Molly Ivins, six feet of Texas trouble who took on the Good Old Boy corruption wherever she found it. Her razor sharp wit left both sides of the aisle laughing, and craving ink in her columns. Molly's words have proved prescient. Now it's up to us to raise hell!


two people riding a motorcycleTOUKI BOUKI (run time: 85min)

Mory, a cowherd, and Anta, a university student, try to make money in order to go to Paris and leave their boring past behind.



a group of people stand by a cameraHYENAS (run time: 110min)

Dramaan is the most popular man in Colobane, but when a woman from his past, now exorbitantly wealthy, returns to the town, things begin to change.



two women hold hands and danceRAFIKI (run time: 83min)

"Good Kenyan girls become good Kenyan wives," but Kena and Ziki long for something more. When love blossoms between them, the two girls will be forced to choose between happiness and safety.



a couple sit with their coffeeNON-FICTION (run time: 108min) 

Set in the Parisian publishing world, an editor and an author find themselves in over their heads, as they cope with a middle-age crisis, the changing industry and their wives.



a man stands in front of a tankI DO NOT CARE IF WE GO DOWN IN HISTORY AS BARBARIANS (run time: 140min)

"I do not care if we go down in history as barbarians." These words, spoken in the Council of Ministers of the summer of 1941, started the ethnic cleansing on the Eastern Front. The film attempts to comment on this statement.



a very happy mans head laughsBECOMING NOBODY (run time: 81min)

BECOMING NOBODY represents the core arc of Ram Dass' teachings and life: whether as Dr. Richard Alpert, the eminent Harvard psychologist, or as Ram Dass who serves as a bridge between Eastern and Western philosophies, he has defined a generation of inner explorers and seekers of truth and wisdom.