Toddlers in sand box


6 weeks - 18 months old

  • These children require a safe, nurturing environment while they develop key physical skills.
  • They begin to socialize and build positive relationships.
  • Consistency and routine is a key emphasis.
  • We partner with parents to support your child’s growth at every stage of development.

Toddlers in sand box


12 - 36 months old

  • These children are typically active explorers who generally try new things and use materials in different ways.
  • They strive to be independent and have a strong sense of ownership.
  • Emphasis is placed on the significance of the parent/child relationship for the growth and development of toddlers.
  • We foster a partnership between staff and parents to best meet each child's needs.

Preschoolers holding puppets


2.5 - 5 years old

  • These children transition from a "play alone" stage to a "play with friends" stage.
  • The need for a balance between group and individual time is one of crucial importance.
  • Children are able to choose from a variety of activities, including outdoor play, manipulatives, art, music, movement, dress up, cooking, etc.
  • We emphasize social development and intentional play to prepare our children to be skillful negotiators and creative problem solvers.