The Smithsonian Institute has a travelling exhibit which recently bounced through Trinidad, Colorado. The exhibit highlighted the way rural America has changed over the last century, as the percentage of Americans living in rural areas plummetted from 60% to 17% since 1900. The exhibition, Crossroads: Change in Rural America, focuses on the way these small towns have changed through the years, and the Institute is doing its best to highlight how they are moving forward as well.

One way they're focusing on the future of these towns is by looking at the youth and the way they're advancing technology. While in Trinidad, the Institute popped in on Trinidad State College's (TSC) robotics program facilitated by Cindy Clements, supported by Parallax, Inc. and individuals of the Trinidad community.  The team filmed a video focused on the robots that the TSC program has constructed throughout the years that included all but their biggest one, which currently resides with NASA. While the video is not yet available online, it lives on in the Smithsonian Archives, holding a place for Trinidad State's robotics team in history.