Can I apply to the Global Engineering RAP if I haven’t decided if I’m going to CU Boulder?

Yes! You can apply and be admitted to the RAP before committing to CU Boulder. The application to the RAP is separate from the application to CU Boulder, so you are not only able to apply before committing, but you are also able to apply before being admitted (or even before submitting your application!) to CU Boulder. We align our admission process for the RAP to provide students with sufficient time to make an informed decision on whether to commit to CU Boulder and to the RAP. Typically, this means that we notify students in March and then ask that students admitted to the RAP let us know within a week after the CU Boulder decision deadline: (1) whether they are attending CU Boulder and (2) if so, whether they are committing to the RAP. This then allows us to submit our list of RAP members to housing in time to ensure that our members are assigned to our floor in Williams Village North.

Can I apply to the Global Engineering RAP if I also applied to the Engineering Honors Program?

Yes, but if you are admitted to both programs, you must choose one. We have different application timelines, so we are in touch to make sure there is no confusion. 

Can I complete the housing application before hearing about the RAP?

Yes. You will want to preference Williams Village, and then at a later date, we provide Housing with the list of students to be assigned to our floor in WillVill North.

When will I hear if I'm accepted?

Approximately the first week of April.

Will being a part of the Global Engineering RAP will mean adding another year to my degree?

No, the requirements with respect to courses (GEEN 1400 First Year Projects Course and COEN 1830 First Year Seminar) fit within the standard requirements for first year students, so they don’t add any additional credit requirements or time.

What types of housing options are available and what are the costs?

Williams Village North has the following options: 2 doubles with bath; 2 singles with bath; double with community bath; and single with community bath, but only a few of those. Housing will be able to further elaborate and also explain what is available on the top floor of Williams Village East.

Costs for the different room types can be found here

Do students living in the global engineering RAP still have access to gender inclusive housing?

The GE RAP will be housed on the 5th floor of Williams Village (WV) North. If you are looking for a truly gender neutral space where all students in that space are seeking out gender inclusive housing, then that is what the top floor of Williams Village East is designated for. If you want to live there, you can reach out to Housing and simply let them know you would like to live in the gender inclusive community in WillVill East. That way, you could still be part of Engineering Connections and the RAP will be right next door. You can learn more about this option as well as Spectrum on this FAQ page


Do members of the RAP work on research projects together and how does that process work? Do you know what types of research opportunities are available and/or who I could contact about it?

The required RAP course is a project-based course, which requires research but is not a research project, per se.

Each year, the Mortenson Center funds about a half dozen Discovery Learning Apprenticeship positions on research relevant to Global Engineering. The types of research vary year-to-year depending on what projects faculty submit for support. The application process takes place in the spring each year.

What type of support is offered for study abroad opportunities, whether it be in the Global Engineering RAP or apart from it?

Many engineering students interested in Study Abroad do so through the Global Engineering Minor, and our required RAP course counts as an entry point/credits for the minor

Education Abroad is a great place to learn more specifically about Study Abroad opportunities and support.

Does this program have a semester overseas component?

No, that is associated with the Global Engineering Minor, which we also support but do not require.

What classes will I be able to take in my dorm?

All Engineering students will be living in Williams Village, so the RAP doesn't offer a specific opportunity not available to others with respect to classes. There are classrooms in WillVill it is possible that RAP members will be able to take courses there, but the majority of engineering courses will still be taught on central campus.

How can I learn more and get answers to other questions?

You can find us at the College of Engineering and Applied Science table at Admitted Buff Days or submit a question via our online form