MCGE Faculty Affiliates are faculty whose work is aligned with the Mortenson Center's mission to positively impact vulnerable people and their environment by improving development tools and practice. To obtain affiliate status, faculty must:

  • Have a faculty appointment at the University of Colorado-Boulder, or have a comparable appointment at another institution.
  • Conduct research in development engineering, global health and/or in resource-limited communities.
  • Provide a short statement regarding their motivation to affiliate with the Mortenson Center, as well as an updated CV.

Faculty affiliates are reviewed by the Director and approved by the Executive Committee.

Faculty affiliates are for 3 year terms, renewable.

Once affiliated, faculty are expected to:

  • Provide a photo & bio with research and teaching interests for use on website, to be updated yearly.
  • Attend program meetings (up to two meetings per year).
  • Provide feedback on important decisions when asked.

Faculty affiliates do not have any voting rights.

Indirect cost recovery

  • For externally funded proposals that include substantial support from Mortenson Center funding, staff and/or core faculty, including the Director or Managing Director, the Mortenson Center may request a fraction of ICR. This will be discussed on a case-by-case basis.


MCGE Faculty Affiliates support the center through their research, teaching, and service. In return, the benefits of becoming an affiliated faculty member of Mortenson Center include the ability to:

  • Apply for Mortenson Center Seed Grants,

  • Recruit Mortenson Center students as research and teaching assistants,

  • Have Mortenson Center-affiliated students apply to access Mortenson Center resources (Student Travel Grants, Student Conference Attendance and Travel, Practicum Support).

  • Apply for Discovery Learning Apprenticeship funding to support undergraduate research assistants.

  • Interact regularly with like-minded faculty across the college and in other schools and colleges on campus.

  • Collaborate with other Mortenson Center affiliates on joint proposals, with the support of Mortenson Center staff.

  • List and receive letters of collaboration for grants on Mortenson Center-related projects.

  • Increase visibility and publicity of research via the Mortenson Center website.




To obtain and maintain affiliate status, a student must meet one or more of the following requirements:

  • Currently enrolled in the Global Engineering certificate.
  • Having completed the Global Engineering certificate, currently conducting development engineering work/research.
  • Currently a research assistant on a Mortenson Center project or program (e.g. Sustainable WASH Systems Learning Partnership).

Once affiliated, students are expected to:

  • Provide a photo & bio for use on website, to be updated yearly.
  • Participate in Mortenson Center programming.


Affiliated students have the benefits of:

  • Increased visibility as an affiliate via the Mortenson Center website.
  • Ability to apply to access Mortenson Center support, including: graduate research assistantships, student travel grants, student conference attendance and travel support and practicum support.
  • Ability to pursue research opportunities with Mortenson Center Faculty Affiliates.
  • Regular interaction with like-minded students and faculty across the college and in other schools and colleges on campus.

Current Mortenson Center Funding Support

  • Graduate Research Assistantships (GRA): PhD students pursuing Global Engineering can apply for a GRA, which covers at least one semester of funding. Students will be expected to contribute to the Mortenson Center, depending on area of need that semester (conference planning, assisting with Mortenson Center board meetings or projects).
  • Student Travel Grants: Graduate students pursuing Global Engineering can apply for funding to support their MCGE-related research travel, up to $2500 for international travel, and $1500 for domestic travel.
  • Student Conference Attendance and Travel: Graduate students pursuing Global Engineering who have accepted papers/posters that they are presenting, can apply for funding for travel, up to $750 for domestic conferences and up to $1500 for international conferences.    
  • Discovery Learning Apprenticeship (DLA) Funding:  DLAs of Mortenson Center Affiliates with MCGE-related topics will be supported financially from Mortenson Center. DLAs will need to submit bio/photo/project description to the Mortenson Center. Faculty need to submit their planned research topic to Mortenson Center for approval to have funding allocated.