To support our research, we have three Dodge/Mercedes Sprinter vans that have been modified to include a phlebotomy and assessment station, allowing us to collect blood comfortably in the van and allows participants to complete self-report assessments and physiological, behavioral, and cognitive measures. Our mobile laboratories have been modified for the purpose of studying the role of THC and CBD on memory encoding and retrieval processes (R01AT009541; PI(s): Bidwell and Curran), the anti-inflammatory properties of Cannabis and their relevance to insulin sensitivity (1R01DA050515; PI: Bryan), and Cannabis use among older adults (RAG066698A; PI: Bryan). The mobile laboratory allows our Cannabis research team to collect blood immediately before and after a participant finishes using their cannabis in their own home and allows us to collect self-report, interview, and neurobehavioral measures without any delay and with a minimum of inconvenience to participants.

Stay tuned, as we have some exciting new studies starting in 2024 that will be using our mobile labs!