PI: Dr. Angela Bryan
"Aging and Marijuana: Benefits, Effects, and Risks"

Reason for this Study: Older adults are currently the fastest-growing group of cannabis users in the U.S, and they are more likely to use cannabis for medicinal purposes (e.g., pain, trouble sleeping, depression/anxiety) than for recreational purposes, despite having little data to guide their decisions about what type of product to use. This project will utilize a patient-centered observational design to recruit and assess older adults who are interested in using cannabis compared to a control group who is not interested in cannabis use. We will gather data on both the beneficial and harmful effects of edible cannabis of varying compositions (THC-only vs. CBD-only vs. THC+CBD) and will examine the process by which older adult cannabis users decide what type of cannabis product they prefer.

What you will do: This study involves meeting with our research staff a total of two times: once at our lab in Boulder and once in our mobile laboratory at a location convenient to you. Both of these appointments will include blood collection, cognitive tasks, balance tasks, and brief and confidential surveys. The second appointment involves using cannabis. There will also be three remote (online) follow-up appointments after the second appointment.

To learn more about the study, click this link.

Who can be in the study: You must be at least 60 years old, be interested in using cannabis to treat problems with pain, sleep, anxiety, or depression, and not be a regular cannabis user.

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