as an Undergraduate Student

Undergraduate Student Experience

Undergraduate research experience at CUChange starts through an Independent Study for one semester.

To Apply for Independent Study

Step 1: Psychology and Neuroscience majors should review the department’s Independent Study program  guidelines for further information and eligibility. Students from other majors are welcome to apply but should seek to arrange an independent study whenever possible.

Step 2: Complete the web form below to register your interest with CUChange.

Step 3: Participate in a 15-minute telephone interview.

Step 4: After a successful phone interview, you will be invited to attend a second, more in-depth interview with a research project team leader.

Step 5: You will notified of the outcome of your application. Should you be successful, you will then complete all necessary paperwork and online trainings prior to commencing your Independent Study semester.

Volunteering at CUChange
Please note that volunteering is only an option for CUBoulder undergraduate students who have already completed an Independent Study semester with us. Volunteering is typically not open to candidates outside of the University.

Data Management Team

If you are applying for the Data Management Team, please specify "Data Management Team" in the Project field. Please note that this position is paid, and the Independent Study/Volunteer information specified above does not apply.

"Participating in research gives students first-hand experience of a potential career path..."  (Nature, July 2018).


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