1. Needs Statement
    Describe in detail the good or service to be procured and how it meets your needs.
  2. Features Requirements
    List the major features/capabilities that are required. What unique design/performance features does this good or provider of the service have that are essential to your requirements? Provide a brief technical explanation as to why these features are essential. Identify the manufacturer/model of your existing equipment, if applicable. 
  3. Competing Brands Investigated
    Did you consider other goods or providers of services with similar capabilities? Indicate specific brands/models of competitors' products that were investigated and describe why they do not meet listed features requirements. You need to state that - to the best of your knowledge - these are the only companies making this equipment or providing this service. List sales representatives and their phone numbers so that the PSC can contact them to verify that other goods or services do not meet your needs. 
  4. Brand Name Sole Source (For Goods Only)
    Is the specific brand/model being recommended for procurement available from more than one source (i.e. more than one dealer or distributor)? If yes, this will be processed as a brand name sole source procurement. Provide the company names of known sources for this item.