1. Log in to the portal
  2. Under CU Resources, select "Concur Travel & Expense System"

  • Adding a delegate to your profile allows them to prepare reports for you (except Travel Authorizations, which should be completed by the traveler).
  • A Prepare Delegate can update and delete reports.
  • An Approving Delegate can approve reports (must already have approving capability).
  1. Click "Profile" from your expense home page.
  2. Click "Expense Delegate."
  3. At this page there are three options:
    • Add a Prepare Delegate.
    • Add an Approving Delegate.
    • Remove Delegate.

To add a Prepare Delegate:

  1. Search by name or email address for desired employee.
  2. Select the correct name and click "Add."
  3. Check the "Can Prepare" box.
    1. Enable delegate to be able to view receipts by checking "Can View Receipts."
    2. Enable delegate to receive emails about reports by checking "Receive Emails."
  4. Click "Save."

To add an Approving Delegate:

  1. Search by name or email address for desired employee.
  2. Select the correct name and click "Add."
  3. Select "Can Approve" for permanent approval.
  4. Select "Can Approve Temporary" for temporary approval.
    • Use the calendar to set approval timeframe.
  5. Click "Save."

It is a good idea to periodically review who your delegates are and to keep this list updated. Follow the instructions in Setting Delegates and update as needed.

  • When we migrated to the expense system many people were added as delegates for you. Not all of them need to remain your delegates. Please remove any unnecessary delegates.
  • You will want to provide your prepare delegates with "Can Prepare" and "Can View Receipts" access. You also should decide who should receive the automatic email notifications. Most of your delegates do not need to receive these notification. If you have any questions, ask your prepare delegate if they would like to receive the email notifications.

Expense reports will be compiled by CIPS administrative staff. You will need to provide documents, justifications, and allocations to the staff member compiling your report.


  1. You must provide a receipt for every purchase made on your PCARD. The receipt should have both the cost of the purchase and an itemization or indication of what was purchased.
  2. You should place receipts in the accordion folder located in the Research Manager's office, Room F837. The accordion folder is located on top of the file cabinet in the Northeast corner of the room. The folder is black and labeled as "CIPS Card Receipts/Documentation Folder." You should find your name on a label inside the folder and place your receipts in the corresponding space provided.
  3. You must indicate which SpeedType to charge each expense to. You may write this number directly on the receipt or attach a piece of paper detailing the allocations for each charge in the folder. You can also do this through email correspondence with the administrative staff. If you don't know the SpeedType, you can use the project acronym. A list of projects with SpeedTypes is posted just in front of the receipts folder for reference.
  4. If there are any expenses that seem unallowable - such as office supplies ordered from a vendor other than Staples - then please provide a justification of what the item will be used for and why it was ordered. A member of the administrative staff may also contact you with any further questions. 


For information on providing receipts and other travel documentation, please visit the Travel page under Employee Guides.

This is the electronic signature process to submit your expense report. The University is adamant that each employee completes this step for him or herself.

  1. You will receive an email notifying you that your report is ready for certification and submission.
  2. Log in to your MYCU portal by:
    1. Navigating to my.CU.edu
    2. Log in using your identikey and password.
    3. Under CU Resources, select "Concur Travel & Expense System."
  3. In the Active Reports section under the Expense tab, select the report you wish to submit.
    1. Review the transactions in this report.
    2. Verify receipts by:
      1. Going to the Receipts drop down menu, and clicking "View Receipts in New Window."
      2. Make sure all receipts are attached, correct, and legible.
  4. Submit report by clicking the Submit Report button in the upper right corner.
    1. In the Final Review window click "Submit Report" again.
    2. If Approval Flow window appears click "Submit Report" again, then close.
  5. At this point, your report is successfully submitted and your Approving Official is automatically notified of the submission. You can log out.

This is the electronic signature process to approve an expense report.

  1. You will receive an email notification that a report is pending your approval.
    1. Log in to the expense system.
  2. At your Concur home page select the Expense tab in the upper left hand corner.
    1. Select Approve Reports.
    2. Select appropriate expense report.
  3. On the Expense List page, review the transactions included in the report.
  4. Verify receipts by:
    1. Going to the receipts drop down menu, and click Check Receipts.
    2. Make sure all receipts are attached and legible.
  5. Approve the Expense Report.
  6. If you find an error made by the submitter or the report needs more information:
    1. In the upper right corner click Send Back to Employee.
    2. Add notes to help the submitter fix the problem.
  7. Otherwise, if everything is fine:
    1. Click the Approve button.
    2. If Approval Flow window appears, verify approvers and click Approve.

For help, CIPS employees can contact CIPS administrative staff or email cips-help@colorado.edu.