In order to pay for a purchase you have three options:

  1. If you have a CU purchasing card (PCARD) and a high enough limit you may use your card (see the information under Expense Reports regarding submitting the receipts).
    • Keep in mind that splitting various purchases from the same vendor over a short period of time could prove problematic and consult the Research Administrator if there is any doubt about whether the PCARD purchase is the most appropriate method.
  2. The CIPS Research Manager can assist with any purchase (including higher dollar purchases) on the departmental PCARD.
  3. The CIPS Research Manager can submit a purchase requisition for items that have a high dollar amount or other aspects where paying from an invoice after receipt of goods/services is preferable to paying by PCARD at the time of order.
    • To have a requisition issued, please send a quote to the CIPS Research Manager.
    • If the request is over $5k (higher thresholds might apply depending on the funding source) it may be necessary to also supply information for a Sole Source Justification.

For help, CIPS employees can contact CIPS administrative staff or email