Published: June 13, 2019


  • Year: 2019
  • Participants: David Kyle Anderson
  • Primary Investigator: Brad Wham
  • Summary: In summer 2019, former masters student David Kyle Anderson conducted 28 tension tests on 5 different types of wire mesh used for soil stabilization at CIEST. Wire mesh specific to the application of soil stabilization has been developed over time with variances in mesh geometry, individual wire strength, and number of twists found in the node of wire connections, buta guiding standard of testing material characteristics specific to this classification of mesh has not been developed. Given this lack of a uniform mode of comparison, this project’s goal was to compare the material characteristics of common wire mesh used in the application of soil stabilization under identical loading conditions, providing engineers a basis for selection of an appropriate mesh for a given project.
  • Read the full report here.